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Alastair Fletcher has been playing the Highland Bagpipes since he was a young boy. Initially, he was taught by Angus J MacLellan at The College of Piping. He has competed as a soloist at the Oban and Inverness Gatherings, and he has played in the Toyota, British Caledonian Airways, ScottishPower Pipe Bands.

In the late 90's Alastair became Pipe Major of the David Urquhart Travel Pipe Band at a time that they were struggling to keep their heads above water. In one year Alastair turned the band around and led them back to competitive success at the top of the Grade One

As a soloist, Alastair was selected to feature on the cover of the Piping Times in the early 1990s.



As a young apprentice, Alastair worked for many years in the workshop of the famous Grainger and Campbell Highland Bagpipe Makers alongside the legendary Pipe Major Angus MacDonald.

When it comes to understanding the needs of a Piper and making Highland Bagpipes, you know you can rely on Fletcher Bagpipes...


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